Another Great Contest from Tuttoroso

Tuttoroso Tomatoes recently had an incredible giveaway event, and they are at it again. I am here to share with you their current giveaway.

Between January 14 and Feb 8, Tuttoroso will send a great apron to the first 4,000 to like Tuttoroso’s Facebook page and provide their favorite original Italian recipe using Tuttoroso Tomatoes.
The top four recipes will be highlighted on Tuttoroso’s Facebook page and website, as well on shared on Tuttoroso cans!
Additionally, one grand prize winner will receive a $500 gift card at cooking.com.

Just make sure that your recipe contains at least one Tuttoroso product, and is more than tomato sauce. Make a main dish, or an appetizer. Make a soup or a casserole. Just make sure it’s original!
List your ingredients in order of use,and make sure it’s in standard US measurements. Be sure to include a photo.

Hurry and go enter now! Just like the Tuttoroso Facebook page, click on the Tuttorosso’s Italian Recipe Contest tab and fill in the form.

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