And Then She Tried To Kill Me…

There was a time when my daughter thought I hung the moon.  She thought I was the best person in the whole world.  She swore up and down that as she reached her teen years, she would love me forever, and would never want to hurt me ever.  I made her sign a contract promising her continued devotion throughout her childhood and teen years.

We were sitting down at dinner, and we had all been feeling silly.  There had been a little food fight, it was good family fun.  After the food fight, we were resuming our dinner, and Speed asked for something.  I got up to get it for him.  As I’m bent over searching the drawers, I am suddenly shoved from behind.  It seems my husband jokingly whispered he’d give GG $5 if she pushed me into the fridge.  She did push… hard.  I went into the refrigerator, my head slammed into the glass shelf, which lifted and my head also managed to slam into a glass baking dish that was the shelf below the one that moved.  I stood there in shock, and pain.
My husband was in shock that she did it, and had to explain numerous times that he was joking around.  She had just jumped up from the kitchen table and shoved me as hard as she could before he could even react.
Speed cried.  I cried.  GG laughed.  Speed cried harder.  GG laughed more.  My husband tried not to giggle.  Speed sobbed.  GG laughed harder.

My head hurt, and my heart hurt.  I know that she didn’t really mean to hurt me, but in addition to the headache and lump on my head, my feelings were hurt.

Basically, my worth is $5 to her.  Hey, maybe she’ll have a future career as a hitman?

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6 thoughts on “And Then She Tried To Kill Me…

  1. Sounds like something Bobby & Hailey would do. Conspire against me all out of fun. I hope you feel better soon, though.

  2. Hi Judy, I am a new fan stopping by from helicoptermom’s alexa hop. I totally feel your pain, I would cry too if my son pushed me as well. I read your bio, and was very impressed. I have CRPS (controlled) and had to be off meds to get pregnant with my son. It was the hardest year of my life 🙂 but totally worth it, as I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Cheers, Betty.

    • Hi Betty! Thanks so much for stopping by. I know what you mean, all three of my kids are worth every single thing I went through to have them. 🙂

  3. And she even wants to have more. What’s going to happen when they out number us in size and weight?

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