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I was given the opportunity to review a few bamboo handkerchiefs and a couple of bamboo wipes/washcloths by Baby Sky Shop.

Bamboo wipes

Wonderful Bamboo Wipes and Bamboo Hankies

Bam absolutely loved the handkerchiefs and immediately grabbed them for a game of peek a boo.  He has so much fun with them, and in addition to playing games with them, he loves to chew on them.  He has definitely claimed them as his own.

The washcloths/wipes did an amazing job of cleaning up baby messes, and are so soft on his delicate skin.  They are so absorbent.  They work wonders in quickly soaping up a wiggly wet baby in the bath.

I would love to get some to try as a natural alternative to baby wipes.

The bamboo is quite durable, and very soft.  These washcloths hold up so much better than the other washcloths that we’ve bought for Bam in the past.

I can just throw them in with my regular baby laundry… what could be easier!

I’ve come to realize what an incredible material bamboo is, and Baby Sky Shop has a great array of various bamboo products.  They were wonderful to work with, and I love their products.  I’ll be buying more hankies for Bam to play with, and more wipes and washcloths

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