Teaching Respect

There has been so much in the news lately about gender equality, feminism and the objectification of women. Between Emma Watson’s UN speech, the disgusting backlash she has received for her views, and the piece of crap that is Sam Pepper (whom I debated not even bringing up in my … Continue reading

My Week

– I had joined a group on Facebook of others who also suffer from seizures. It’s been nice to share stories, and offer support. It’s also been eye-opening, and a thankful reminder that things could always be worse.   – A lot of times, technology and social media freak me … Continue reading

Head, Shoulders…

At least my knees and toes don’t hurt! I haven’t been around. Last week I went in since the shot for my adhesive capsulitis wasn’t working past week one. I wasn’t supposed to get another for six weeks, but the doctor felt I could get another since it was interfering … Continue reading

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