What I’m Doing Now

I’ve been having a problem with finishing posts. I have, seriously, about 14 unfinished posts in my Evernote, just waiting to be completed. And I seem to be unable to finish them, without them feeling like a flat ending that I’m not happy with. In an attempt to shake up … Continue reading


2014 is going pretty well. The kids are back in school, and both are starting and looking into new extracurriculars. My daughter was upset to learn that her drama teacher is taking her first half of the year maternity leave and turning it into full-time stay-at-home-mom status, so the drama … Continue reading

Suspicious Minds

I am naturally an un-trusting, highly suspicious person. I kind of hate that about myself, but maybe it’s not all bad. Today, I was sitting with Ziggy, while Speed was upstairs, sick in bed. Someone rang my doorbell, and knocked. I told Ziggy to wait where he was while I … Continue reading

Senseless Tragedy

I live in a small-ish suburb of Tampa. It’s nice. It’s quiet. It’s close enough that we can do thing, but far enough from the crazy. Or so I though. It has been all over the news, not only locally, but nationally, and even internationally, that there was a shooting … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

I know I haven’t been around much. Truth be told, I needed a break. I enjoyed vacation with my kids. It was nice having them home. There wasn’t as much bickering as I had expected. They got along really well, and I didn’t hear any complaints of “I’m bored!” We … Continue reading


– We were watching something on Netflicks because Ziggy wasn’t feeling too well, and it was cool outside. We were watching some cartoon that Z was completely engrossed in. Our router is defective, so our internet goes out, seriously, at least once a day, sometimes more, especially if I have … Continue reading

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