– Seriously, this I love… Not. Ziggy will say, “Oh Mama! Here!” and hand me something. I take it and then ask what it is. His reply, “Booger. Ewwwk!” This happens more times than I would like to admit. – I do love how he has combined “Ewwww!” and “Yuck!” … Continue reading

What the BEEP?!

So, you know what’s fun? Staying up until nearly two am wrapping Christmas presents and not even finishing. Then being woken before five because you think you’ve heard something. Lying there hoping what you heard was a dream, and hoping that you’re only awake due to the baby foot on … Continue reading


Christmas is a magical time of year. I love how the kids anticipate Santa’s visit and eagerly prepare for him. They carefully make him treats and leave him a little note. In addition to the presents, I think it’s fun for Santa to leave the kids a little something else. … Continue reading

Elfis Antics

Here are some of our highlights with Elfis this week- Apparently keeping track of my kids tires Elfis out and he needs coffee too.  He’s Overtired Mommy’s Overtired Elf. After a particularly bad day he came back with a marker and wrote messages to the kids on the sliding glass … Continue reading

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