To me, my children’s education is very important. Doing poorly in one subject can easily snowball and begin to affect other areas of their lives. Not to mention that it’s just hard to see your child struggling. Sure, they can often get additional help from their teacher, but sometimes they … Continue reading


I was reading Deanna’s (from Delirious Rhapsody) post, and realized that I’ve been feeling similarly. I’m not feeling depressed, I’m just feeling blah, and restless. I’ve been far more scattered than normal, and lie awake at night trying to think of ways to remedy this. I think it’s time to … Continue reading

Wednesday Randoms

I can’t believe that it’s already mid-way through July. The kids have a little more than a month until they go back to school. That’s a fact that makes me kind of sad… even if their bickering drives me nutty on some days. I feel like there still SO much … Continue reading

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