FeverAll Giveaway

Sometimes it’s such a struggle to get kids to take medicine, especially when they’re not feeling well. They’re sick, and cranky, you’re worried and it just compounds into a battle of wills. You know that if you can get them to take the medicine, their fever will come down and … Continue reading

Chicken Pineapple Skewers

  This is, I believe, Speed’s most favorite thing ever. He gets so so so excited if he even sees me touch the wooden skewers… makes me feel bad if I’m looking for something and just moving them. It has his favorite components… chicken (yum!), pineapple (double yum!) and it’s … Continue reading

Friday Five

Honestly, I am so glad to be over the hump and on the way down from the 100 facts about me. I’m finding myself to be quite dull, and having a hard time coming up with facts. Also, sleep deprivation has me checking previous entries to see what I’ve already … Continue reading

Friday Five

46. I’d never had a Twinkie until I was in my 20’s. Did not like. 47. I took one “official” swimming lesson in which I got tossed into the pool. My parents never made me go back thankfully, and I pretty much taught myself (with my Dad’s help) how to … Continue reading

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