Friday Five

I’m feeling really icky. There was/is a situation here that has led to a lot of stress and junk. I’m not sure if I’m going into it right now, but needless to say, I got 15 minutes of sleep last night before the baby woke up having a coughing fit. … Continue reading

Friday Five

61. I love donating blood. I started when I was 17. Although the first time I went, my stepmother had signed the consent form, and because she wasn’t my legal guardian, I was denied. I cried all day long. 62. When I was born, I didn’t have a name. On … Continue reading

Speed Says

Apparently Speed is writing a story. I found it while cleaning his room over the weekend. I laughed out loud so hard. I’ll let you see the cover page for yourself.     I just do not know.  He hasn’t written the story yet, so I really just do not … Continue reading

Friday Five

56. I have never had a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s, and have no desire whatsoever to try one. 57. I so completely believe in life after death. It’s comical, actually. Whenever I think I should have done things differently, I tell myself that I’ll just do it differently “next time”. … Continue reading

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