Strawberry Pie!

For the Fourth of July, I love making pretty and tasty desserts.  One of my faves in Strawberry Pie.  It has the red of the berries, you can top it with some white whipped cream.  Served on a blue plate, and it’s so patriotic! I’ll thank you not to laugh … Continue reading

My sweet Bambino

I am in constant amazement of Bam. He’s just growing up so fast! He’s been mobile for quite some time… just dragging himself across the room for several months. He’s now full-out crawling, and within the last few days, pulling up on furniture and cruising… that’s another post all together! … Continue reading


– I have a horrible feeling that by the beginning of August Bam will be done with naps forever. Seriously. I am so saddened by that thought. The kids are forever loud and wake him up as soon as he falls asleep, they are in and out with their friends, … Continue reading

Got My Hairs Done!

Less than 2 weeks until I hit the big 3-5… That is some scary stuff! That’s pretty much middle aged. I’ve been very aware of my age lately. I’ve considered botox, but I know in reality I could probably never do it. I’ve thought about dying my hair an outrageous … Continue reading

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