Random Tuesday Thoughts

~ So… I went into the doctors office regarding my insane weight loss, hair loss, severe fatigue, shakes, etc… Sad that there are too many symptoms to list. My thyroid is fine, iron is fine. All the standard tests are perfect. Because of my symptoms, everyone was sure it was … Continue reading

It’s in the bag…

So what’s in your bag? Mine… Let’s take a peek inside… We have… a notebook covered in Cars stickers, lotsa pens, Diva (for some reason?), camera case, ipod headphones, wallet, phone, pouch for Bam’s necklaces, hair thingies, check book, chapstick, sungalsses, ton of freaking keys. Man, I need to clean … Continue reading


The winner of the Weighted Blanket from The Magic Blanket is AB Smith AB Smith says I learned my special needs son would do best with a 12 or 16 lb blanket Congratulations! The winner has been notified via email and has 48 hours to respond before a new winner … Continue reading


Motherhood has taught me unconditional love.  Kids are still loving, even when they’ve been grounded.  They’ve taught me that everything is a learning experience.  I’ve learned to teach them about even the tiniest things and answer crazy questions.  They’ve taught me to appreciate the simple things.  I’ve learned that the … Continue reading

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