Baby Stuff

I have been working on trying to compose a list of baby stuff that we need to get.  I’m deciding to put it on here, so it’s easily accessible to myself, hubby and anyone else who may be interested.  I’ll probably also make a special page for it so it … Continue reading

24wks 1day

Many people have been asking for a belly pic, well here it is… Hubby took it for me yesterday (24wks 1day)I know that I’m not that big, but I’m just about the size I was when I delivered my son and my daughter, so I do feel enormous.  The maternity … Continue reading

Good Appointments

Had my doctor’s appointments yesterday.  The perinatologist was early in the morning.  I was nervous because I was seeing a different doctor from the practice.It was cool because I went back and got a ultrasound, and then the doctor came in and I got another one so HE could see … Continue reading

Happy Sunday!

It’s Sunday, which means it’s my husband’s day off!  Yay!  He’s catching up on sleep since he works nights, but when he wakes it’s time for us to get moving.  In preparation for the new baby, we’re doing some room re-arranging.  Currently our son’s room is closest to ours.  Even … Continue reading

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