School Lunches

The other day, I scrolled through the hashtagged pictures of #ThanksMichelleObama to see the school lunch pictures. Now, I know that school lunches are not the healthiest, and changes need to happen. As a matter of fact, my own children rarely every buy lunch at school. They’ve only done so a couple times a year, unless I’ve been having seizures or have recently given birth. I just prefer to know what they’re eating… even though I know in the back of my mind, trades are probably being made at the lunch room table. I’m not judging, heck, there are many nights where trying to put together lunches takes away from my sleep. One likes this, but the other won’t touch it. One doesn’t like pears, the other will only eat bananas if they are in the mood for them. Is it too much food? Not enough food?

I got hot lunch at school pretty much daily in elementary school. To be honest, in looking at some of the pictures, I would have enjoyed some of those lunches when I was in elementary school. I remember soup and sandwich day consisted of bland condensed canned soup that had simmered all day and soggy sandwiches on white bread; Tomato soup with tuna sandwiches, chicken noodle soup with egg salad… I remember grossly overcooked canned pasta with sauces that were nothing but mush by the time we went thought the lunch line. I remember the absolute worst was “Welsh Rarebit” which was nothing more than 4-5 saltine crackers smothered in an overly salty melted cheese sauce. I hated buying school lunches, and truly loved bringing in a rare lunch from home, even if they were filled with the health food store treats my Mom bought, and stuff from our garden.

I agree that school lunches should be balanced and healthy, but they also need to be appealing to kids and they should taste good as well. It’s pretty ridiculous that my kid would have to pay for a meal that they may not even eat, meanwhile prisoners eat for free, and the food looks about the same, if not better… not that I have much experience with prison food.

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