Showing our #DisneySide with a Cars Party


I was so thrilled to be selected to host a #DisneySide @home party. I was sent an incredible box of goodies to facilitate with my festivities.


Having a preschool age boy, I was thrilled when I was selected to throw a Disney Cars themed party. Having two boys, both Cars lovers, this was perfect. It was a lot more fun because my fan boys have tons of toys, games and decor to help out.

I knew that both my boys would love this #DisneySide Cars party, and I knew my teen daughter would love to help out. I was beyond excited, and my head was filled with ideas.

Some of our Tasty Food for our Party

Some of our Tasty Food for our Party

My daughter was more than happy to help out in the kitchen. We had “Piston Cup Pizza”, “Chicks Hick’s Chicken Chunks”, “Mater’s Tater Chips”, “Sally’s Sandwiches” (thanks to a Cars-shaped sandwich cutter I found at the store), chocolate donuts made up “Luigi’s Tire Tower”, “Lightning McQueen Lemonade”, and “Flo’s Fruit Punch”.

Who doesn't love fun straws?  These were a hit with the kids!

Who doesn’t love fun straws? These were a hit with the kids!

Fun Cars-shaped sandwiches!

Fun Cars-shaped sandwiches!


There was no shortage of activities, with many games to play, I seriously did not realize just how many Cars and Disney games we owned. We also had puzzles, coloring, stickers, and stories. We had tons of Cars for everyone to share and play with. We also watched Cars.

Games and Prizes!

Games and Prizes!

This Radiator Springs Rug and all of the Cars were a huge hit!  This isn't even all the Cars we have!

This Radiator Springs Rug and all of the Cars were a huge hit! This isn’t even all the Cars we have!

We were going to use Ziggy’s ride-on Mater to have timed trials outside, but unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative.

A great time was had by all of our little guests. The food was a hit, the activities were a success. They all left with fun little gifts. We all definitely showed our #DisneySide at our fun party!

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