She’s My Little Mermaid

GG wasn’t really into sports while in middle school. When we went to check out the high school the first time, some of the clubs and teams had tables set up. At one of those tables sat the Swim and Dive Team. We left an email address so we could be sent more information as the school year approached. Her lack of confidence with her endurance made her lean away from swimming, and lean towards diving. Her interest remained strong over summer, and she cut her summer vacation short by a week to go to daily pre-season training at the pool.
She worked hard to learn various dives. She’d never dived before, and she gave it her all. I was so proud of my girl when she made the team. She continued to work hard. She astounded the coaches with how quickly she picked up dives.

I’m proud of her, not only with how well she is doing, but also with how dedicated she is. Her hard work is paying off. In her very first meet, she placed second overall. She has consistently placed well in her meets, and made me proud. Of course, I’d be proud of her no matter what her performance.

You can check out my Youtube channel for more videos of my awesome girl!

My Week

- I had joined a group on Facebook of others who also suffer from seizures. It’s been nice to share stories, and offer support. It’s also been eye-opening, and a thankful reminder that things could always be worse.   – A lot of times, technology and social media freak me … Continue reading

Head, Shoulders…

At least my knees and toes don’t hurt! I haven’t been around. Last week I went in since the shot for my adhesive capsulitis wasn’t working past week one. I wasn’t supposed to get another for six weeks, but the doctor felt I could get another since it was interfering … Continue reading

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